Miss Bay County Scholarship Program

Being Miss Bay County is not about the crown. It’s not about the dress. It doesn’t mean you’re a “pageant girl.” Or that you hold beauty above brains. You don’t have to be a size 2 or think walking around in a bikini and heels is normal.

Being Miss Bay County means that you care about your community. You are passionate about bettering the society you live in. You aspire for success and know the importance of education. You desire to improve your interview and public speaking skills. You value your health and respect your body. You believe in positive role models and hope to be one.

Being Miss Bay County is an honor and privilege one woman gets each year – and has for the last 50+ years. It’s a legacy worth risking “pageant” reputation over. The reward is life-changing and unexpectedly wonderful.

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Miss Bay County 2016
Ashli Maser
Outstanding Teen 2016
Larissa Hollingsworth