Miss Bay County Outstanding Teen

The Miss Bay County Outstanding Teen program is the sister program to Miss Bay County. Each year teen girls showcase their talents, knowledge, and poise. The Miss Bay County Outstanding Teen title comes along with the responsibility of being a positive role model to her peers.

Ava Mendoza

How to Qualify for Outstanding Teen

  • Must be at least thirteen (13) years of age on the first day of the State Competition
    in which she would compete;
  • Must not be older than seventeen (17) years of age as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she would compete unless she is 18 years old and has not graduated from high school as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she would compete.
  • There is a $75 entrance fee.

Phases of Competition for Outstanding Teen

Talent: Contestants perform a 90-second routine of their own choosing. Scoring is based on the contestant’s skill and personality, interpretive ability, technical skill level, stage presence, and the totality of all elements, including costume, props, voice, use of body, and choreography. Talent is worth 35% of their total score.

Interview: Each contestant participates in an individual 6-minute press conference-style interview with our panel of judges. There are typically 5 judges on a panel. Contestants are questioned on their background, their educational goals, their opinions on teen issues, and their interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. Scoring is based on overall communication skills, including personality, intelligence, validated opinions, emotional control, overall first impression, and personal appearance, and whether the contestant possesses the overall qualities and attributes of a Miss Bay County’s Outstanding Teen. The interview is worth 35% of their total score.

Evening Wear and On-Stage Question: Each contestant appears on stage in an outfit of her own choosing, representative of what she would wear to a formal, black tie social event. Pantsuits, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns are all appropriate for this phase of the competition. Scoring is based on overall first impression, sense of confidence, personality and stage presence, walk and posture, appropriateness of attire, and sense of attractiveness. At the completion of their walk, each contestant will be asked one on-stage question. The questions are written by all of the Teen contestants and then randomly selected on the stage. The contestant is judged on how well she answers the impromptu question. Evening Wear and On-Stage Question are worth 20% of their total score.

Lifestyle and Fitness in Active Wear: Each contestant performs an identical fitness routine on-stage in the fitness outfit of their choice. Scoring is based on overall first impression, statement of physical fitness and health, overall physique and proportion walk, posture and grace, sense of confidence, and presence on stage. Active Wear is worth 10% of their total score.

Miss America Outstanding Teen Organization

Founded in 2005, Miss America Outstanding Teen, Inc. has become one of the top scholarship providers for teen girls in the United States. It also provides an opportunity to gain life experience, work on issues of importance to society, enhance your personal and professional skills, and develop your talents.

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