Before the competition begins, contestants are asked to submit two very important pieces of paperwork, their platform statement and their resume. Both have defined formats outlined by the Miss America Organization.


The intent of the resume is for the judges to quickly get to know a little bit about you before you walk in for your interview. The resume includes information about your education, talent, fun facts and future aspirations. View an example of a resume.


As a contestant your asked to consider a topic you would like to dedicate a portion of your time to during your reign. This could be something you already passionately support or something you would like to get more involved with. It could be an initiative that already exists or something you are spearheading. Your platform statement is your opportunity to introduce the judges to your platform in written format before the interview. Here are a few examples of past titleholders platforms:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Saving the American Dream
  • Heart Health in Women
  • Youth Volunteerism

View an example of a platform statement.