MBC 2012 Blog – That Moment

I’ve been asked what it felt like to hear my name called as the new Miss Bay County, and the only answer I can come up with is overwhelming. And let’s be honest, I’m not a woman of few words! It’s hard to explain the moment. I remember that the moment from the first runner-up being called to the moment they announced my name felt like one of the longest moments of my life. I remember that breathing was a bit of a problem at the time. I remember telling myself, “calm” over and over again. And then it happened, and it was the first time I really can remember having one of those out-of-body moments. I was dropped to the floor but my mind was still standing up thinking, “nu uh?” And then I saw Syd and all the excitement really hit the surface, before I knew it I was squatting to have the crown placed on my head. By this point the humility hit me almost instantly. I was in shock, and so unbelievably thankful. To God, to my family, and about hundreds of other people who shaped my life to get me to that moment.

And then they make you walk, what!? I couldn’t barely contain my emotions let alone think. I remember wishing we had gone over this in practice, ‘what to do if you win, because you can’t think’ – cause after that, then you have to talk! I don’t even remember actual words coming out of my mouth, but thankfully they did!

Just before the best part (I know, you’d think all of that was it) I have to share one distinct memory. The emcee thankfully took the microphone back and finished with a closing statement, one that encourage everyone to follow along my year and come out and support me at Miss Michigan in June. And all of a sudden I hear these burst of screams come from the audience, and I know it’s my family just really recalling the extent of what that moment had meant. I loved it, and thankfully I found them and could see the jumping and screaming for myself.

The following moments were a whirlwind of events. Pictures, people “needing the new Miss Bay County”, a genuine paparazzi-like entourage of camera flashes, more pictures, lots of hugs, lots of tears, smiles bigger than I’d ever seen before, and definitely an extreme about of excitement. I can tell you one thing (well okay many) even before the emcee’s closing words, I wanted to live it all over again. And I still do, I wish I could tell myself to take it all more, enjoy every second as much as I could, maybe go back a little further and learn how to freeze time first.

But one distinct memory I get to keep very vividly, came shortly after the stage was opened up, it’s when through the crowd on stage, I saw my sister. We get that tunnel vision thing going every now and then 🙂 And then I lost it, water works city. It was like seeing her made it all sink in a little deeper. Her excitement was invigorating and contagious. She’s been my role model, hero, best friend for forever and it’s impossible to try to put into words how much that moment meant and felt like. Then Linda! My oh so amazing and incredible executive director who I have been patiently waiting to be a pageant daughter of. My mom and dad! My brother, and lucky charm obviously (first time in attendance)!! Kimmy! Lindsey, my own niece who shyly walked over gave me a hug and said, “you’re a princess.” Sister #2 ;)! Casey! This, this moment, that was the real best part – that was the moment I really think of when someone asks me, “so what was that moment like?”

1 thought on “MBC 2012 Blog – That Moment

  1. Don’t know what I would have done without Melissa either!! Thanks for holding me up! 🙂

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