MBC 2012 Blog – Pinch me I’m dreaming

Took a moment to relax in the garden before heading back to Zurich.

I went on my first excursion outside of Zürich yesterday. I had the honor of visiting the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. And what an honor it was. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a sense of overwhelming emotion quite like I did yesterday.

As I arrived in the town, there was no question I was at the capital of the Olympic Games. It’s like driving into Disney, only 10 times better (and I’m a big fan of Disney). There’s flag everywhere, sports centers galore and they’re all filled with people playing/training, even their sign indicators were color coded in the Rings color’s. Only probably I would notice this, and the fact that they were of course in the correct order. They’ve also got some pretty amazing statue displays in the roundabouts of their streets including a swimmer diving into water all made out of copper.

Walking into the headquarter office I was stunned, it was one of those moments where you’ve always wondered if it’s as amazing as you’d imagine and then its even better. Sitting in the lobby waiting I was literally shaking, I had to keep telling myself to be cool and stay calm. I was able to manage my composure once we got into the heart of the visit. That was until I passed a glass display inset into the wall. It was the Torch and Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals from the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino (they’re HUGE by the way). My heart started racing uncontrollably and I just wanted to stare in that case for as long as I could.

After I was free to wander, I was bound and determined to see as much as I could before my train left. I was offered a cab three times and turned it down every time. Ignoring that I was in heels and a suit dress, I already had a blister from that morning and it was a 30-minute walk to the nearest place I could even hail a taxi to take me to the station. I didn’t care, I needed a chance to take it all in. Of course, not nearly as much as I would have like – I’m already planning a trip back.

It was one of those moments where you get to remember that somethings are as amazing as you dreamed them. And that it’s never too late – it just might all happen a little different than you thought 🙂

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