MBC 2012 Blog – Jet set

It’s really odd to be siting in the Zurich airport waiting to board a flight to London. It seems like one of those things you hear others talk about, but you never imagine yourself doing it.

The construction here at the airport is awful, so all the signs are pointing in mismatched directions. I had to walk around like a newbie a few times before I made it to the gate. Little do they know, I am 😉 .. you try to pull it off, but when you don’t speak the language and you’re staring at signs forever it’s kind of hard to play it cool.

I’m going to try and fit in as much site seeing as I can while I’m there. It’s a fairly jam packed visit but I’m making a point to take a little me time. Stay posted!


Day one was jam packed! I went straight from the airport to the office and was in meetings until I left at 5:30. Went from Staines to West London had dinner and then passed out!

Day two was the forum, good sessions, I was of course the young kid but I made up for that quickly 🙂 I chose to stand for the opposing viewpoint more often than not. Hey, it’s social media, we got this 🙂 In the afternoon I traveled to East London to visit the London 2012 Olympic Park!! It was amazing and of course as everyone always says, “so much bigger in person” – but really, I felt teeny tiny in comparison. I’ve never seen a stadium that big before. Also saw the “viewing tower” a.k.a. we all know the future site of the flame, the aquatics center, and the basketball arena. Also saw Wembley stadium from afar, very awesome architecture. The Park also happens to be next to the largest mall in europe, so that’s convenient..!!

Day three was challenge my directional skill day, with only an A-Z map book I had to go find all these top landmark locations. Best part, it was a success! Managed to not get lost, and pretty assured I could give directions if I were in London now.

Overall the trip was an awesome experience and it was so amazing to see all of these historical and famous landmarks in person. Makes the history seem much more alive. Also, a little new history, stood right where Kate’s dress was revealed for the first time =}

Check the Facebook pages for pictures soon.

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