MBC 2012 Blog – Back in the US of A!!

I’m home!! Well, I’ve been home, and it’s been crazy!

After my week in London, my trip to Switzerland began to fly by. I made my best friend in Switzerland, Celina 🙂 my match when it comes to a dance floor. I also began to spend more time with my co-worker and her family. She has two of the cutest little boys, who I had the privilege of taking skating! I also began to make some concrete plans for what I needed to do when I got back. One of my ideas.. to come home early. After a few emails and prayers, I was approved to book an earlier flight and come in to town the day before Thanksgiving. My family and I were ecstatic, and so was Linda! We decided to keep it a secret though and surprise everyone at Santa’s arrival in Bay City.

It was a very emotional reunion. One vivid moment was when we landed in Detroit. It was unreal, and as I was approaching security there was a sign that said Welcome Home and I remember thinking, yeaaaaah, welcome home! After 18 hours traveling, the plane landed on the runway at MBS I could barely contain my emotional. All I kept thinking wad breathe, just breathe. Which worked until I hit the glass opening in the terminal and my ears were met with Evan, my nephew, yelling “aunt leashy”. I officially lost it. Hard core shoulder shaking sobs lost it. Mom got the first hug, and then Evan, for about 2 solid minutes his head rested on my shoulder and his arms wrapped around me. And 2 minutes is a very long time for that 2-yr-old to stay still. After that it was dad and Stacey and the rest of the family. We spent the rest of the night swapping stories and eating chocolate!

It’s so great to be back home. I’ve never appreciated being an American more than I do now. I learned so much, and have such an appreciation for European culture, but I know more than ever that I was meant to be born in the United States of America. We have spirit that is undeniable, and I wouldn’t trade it! Ignore what your hear, and open your eyes to all that surrounds you. You’ll see what I saw without spending 3-months 5,000 miles away. It’s incredible, and it’s passion.

Blown away by the lessons I didn’t expect to learn there.

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