MBC 2012 Blog – There she is

Unbelievable even to me, I’m in route to Las Vegas for Miss America week!! It was not even on my radar of choices for this year, but here I am. The decision to go was a bit of a whirlwind, it all started at a dress appointment (I blame it on all the bling) and then I was booking a ticket just a week ago. I’m incredibly excited and looking forward to sharing the experience via my blog and on Facebook! Right now I’m sitting in Detroit waiting to board. Just finished a bag of sensible foods dried fruit (great snack choice, yummy AND good for you) and… scratch that they just started the boarding process.

Update before the day is over πŸ™‚ All checked in and about to squeeze some sleep in at the Planet Hollywood. Full day of events ahead! Did anyone ever mention how bright it is in Vegas, all the time πŸ™‚

Day two was jam packed! Early morning we went straight to the Miss America press conference featuring several former Miss Americas and the Quality of Life award. Elizabeth received 2nd runner-up! It was amazing to hear Teresa and so many other influential woman speak about their views and year of service. We then had to get my badge before the autograph session. Before I could blink Heidi was whisking me off for my appt. with Tony Bowls! Where we found the dress!! We spent a wonderful 2 hours with Tony trying on dresses and brainstorming ideas, it was incredible. After that we went to view rehearsals, the stage is fantastic! Final step of events was the tradeshow, alot of pageant in one room!! That night we walked the strip and spent a few hours amazed by street artists, enough so that we each purchased a piece. So tired, I can’t even imagine what the girls must feel like. I swear it’s training just going to watch.

Day 3 was all site seeing. I have to say I like the strip better at night, everything seems a lot more normal. Went to Madame Tussauds, worth every penny! That night a group of us preliminary titleholders from Michigan went out to dinner which was really nice. We don’t all get to be together too often without getting ready for a pageant or appearance.

Day 4 started with a bang! Autograph session with dozens of former Miss Americas. We kept saying we felt 5 again for being so excited. After that we went back to the tradeshow for sales galore!! Heidi helped me do some damage πŸ™‚ and save me from a near credit card loss disaster! So appreciate her, Miss Iosco, and Mrs. Fransee’s help! Then it was time to get ready for the pageant!

I cannot describe what it was like to watch live, all I can say is within the first 30 seconds I was near tears πŸ™‚ Incredible week and what a perfect boost into Miss Michigan!!

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